DIY Inspirational Board // Pinterest & Tumblr inspired

Having a Pinterest Perfect room is every girls dream. Lately, I’ve noticed a TON of these inspirational boards all over Pinterest and Tumblr that gives any room, or office an overall girlie and personalized feel. However, I’ve looked into purchasing various boards (that literally just hold photos), and they can be up to $350!! THATS CRAZYYYY! So… I decided to use what I already had, or could get for under $5, to make my Pinterest inspired board.

Step 1: Go on Pinterest & Tumblr and start saving your fav pics that inspire you! Follow my Pinterest here:

Step 2: Start printing out all the pics you want to include on your board!

Step 3: Get a thick white board to put your pics on (Get some here: )

Step 4: Cut out and arrange the photos the way you desire before placing them on board! (I added a photo of my bf and I to make it super personalized and focused on things that makes me happy)

Step 5: Place photos on board (I only used tape to place the photos down) and then hang the board up wherever you feel fits best and you can see it everyday! Here’s my little setup below:


All of the photos that I had on my board were there to make me feel inspired and positive. Thats the reason I LOVE these inspo boards, because you can really customize them to you and your preferences!


THANK YOU OH SO MUCH FOR READING 🙂 I can’t believe I’ve almost reached 4k readers already and I’m so blessed so thank you a million!






  1. Sarah says:

    This has been on my to do list for awhile! I even have the poster board sitting in my office..

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