My Prada, my baby!!!  This was my first designer bag and it is still my favorite bag to this day! It’s the Prada Saffiano Lux Double-Zip Tote bag in the color Blush (Cammeo). I’ve had this bag for almost two years and I’m still so completely obsessed. During the winter months, I usually swap this bad boy out for my black Balenciaga to avoid color transfer from my jeans and to switch it up a bit. My bag is organized for the most part, but does occasionally have receipts all crumpled up and too many MAC lippies laying at the bottom.

This is what I currently have in my bag when everything is taken out, minus the sunglasses I left in my car. It’s a medium sized bag and I don’t like to jam too much stuff in there because I’m lazy and don’t like heavy things 🙂 So I mainly just have my wallet, that is also Prada, my car keys, and my makeup bag (which is just a white Fendi one).

This is what the inside of the bag looks like when everything in it. Inside the little white bag I keep all of my travel necessities.

In my makeup/necessity bag I keep the following:

  • Tweezers- These are good for those stubborn hairs you don’t see until after you leave the house 🙂
  • 2 bobby pins- sometimes more, sometimes less.
  • Concealer- I keep the Chanel Perfection Long Lasting concealer in the shade 31, perfect for touchups because it doesn’t cake on over makeup, as well as the Dior 2 in 1 fix it concealer for days when I need moisturizer and a concealer in one.
  • Not one but TWO highlighters- I don’t really know why I’m so extra and need two but if I’m in the mood for a cream highlight I grab my mini WATTS UP highlighter by Benefit. And if I’m in the mood for a powder highlight I gravitate for the MAC highlighter in Soft and gentle
  • Mascara- I have a mini Clinique mascara that I really only use if my mascara on my bottom line smudges or if I cry (anytime I see a puppy) then its perfect to touch up.
  • Powder- I just keep a mini Clinique loose powder to help touch up shine especially through the days when I work eight hour shifts.
  • Lips- These are always changing and I always have too many but yolo. Right now I’m carrying the Kylie Matte lip kit in the shade “Posie K”, MAC’s limited holiday collection gloss, and the Sephora lip gloss in the shade “12 Pink”, and MAC’s lip liner in the shade “Soar”. Its funny that I have all of these because one, I feel like I apply lipgloss once throughout the day and two, because I have no lips so…
  • Brushe(s)- I really only keep one maybe two brushes in my makeup bag because I don’t like them taking up the space, and I really only need one that I can just use for my powder and highlight and just wipe off in-between uses.
  • Lastly, my TATCHA face spray. I go back and fourth between having this and a mini Mario Badescu Rose Water spray, but I love having a face mist to just give me extra glow throughout the day. I definitely reach for my face mists more than anything in this bag!




    1. kmmiller says:

      Thank you doll xoxo!

  1. What, no gum or mints?! 😉

    1. kmmiller says:

      Only when I’m not lazy and buy some 😉 hahah

  2. Amber says:

    I loved seeing what was in your makeup bag!

    1. kmmiller says:

      Thank you!! xx

  3. Shevy says:

    I love your designer handbag and makeup bag essentials. Just about everything that a girl would need.


    1. kmmiller says:

      Thank you so much! Yeah I feel like I live out of my bag hahah!

  4. Kelly says:

    Love how organised your bag is. I’m in the habit of just grabbing my purse and going then I always need something from my bag. Need to get into the routine of taking my bag

    1. kmmiller says:

      Im still not the best, but I’m trying as well! Thanks for the sweet words xox

  5. Anosa says:

    What a gorgeous Prada, hope to own one one day. I am seriously jealous of people who can condense what’s in there bag because whilst I never have makeup in my bag I carry way too much but all essential for a female

    1. kmmiller says:


  6. My purse is way too small to fit a dedicated bag in it. I’m so jelly! That bag is too DIE for as well. Love this post!!!

    1. kmmiller says:


  7. Wow! Love the Prada!
    I’ve gone very minimal this year!
    I literally just carry my purse (Loving cats at the moment so its super cute) and keep my Sexy Mother Pucker in my back pocket 🙂
    Yours looks was more fun!

    1. kmmiller says:


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